About Us

Orchard Valley Learning Center, Childcare 80016, 15100 East Orchard Road

Orchard Valley Learning Center

15100 East Orchard Road
Centennial, CO 80016
Phone:  303-699-2233
Fax: 303-690-7193


Our Philosophy

At Orchard Valley Learning Center, we provide a sequence of carefully planned early childhood programs, from our Infants and Toddlers to our three levels of Preschool, culminating with our own Private Kindergarten.  We recognize that it is important to encourage children to value themselves as individuals, develop their own unique strengths and talents, and recognize the benefits of diversity within society.  We believe that by helping children to socialize effectively they develop positive and cooperative relationships.  We provide a network of community resources and contacts that helps parents to provide creative solutions to situations and dilemmas facing families in our world today.